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Who We Are

Toke is positioned as a cannabis-focused full service marketing agency. The core services we provide include branding, search engine optimization, social media management, KPI Business analysis. Our team’s advantage is in our interactive TokeCloud Platform, allowing us to showcase all of our clients marketing efforts along with daily industry updates so that we can be ahead of the curve. Toke ensures successful marketing while remaining in compliance with state and federal regulators

What We Can Do...

                                Act. Build Learn.

List of 10:

1. There is no right path
2. Be honest it builds character
3. Be the sum of your surroundings
4. Be goal oriented
5. Write it down
6. Continually increase your value
7. Stay diverse (learn something out of the box)
8. Risk early
9. It goes by fast
10. It is hard

Being an entrepreneur is something I have always wanted to be, Toke is simply a mix of my expertise in marketing and my passion for the cannabis industry.

- Liv Fakhoury CEO/Founder Toke LLC

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