New York lawmakers are hoping for a breakthrough in New York but legalization prospects dimmed after an abundance of optimism earlier in the year. We have the Pennsylvania Governor traveling to all 67 counties to here what the community says about legalizing recreational cannabis.We have New Jersey talking about recreational legalization, improving the medicinal cannabis program and exonerating those incarcerated for crimes in relation to cannabis. New Jersey's various bills to commit to these ideas fell through recently in May.

So What happened with New York you ask? Well it started off looking good, Andrew Cuomo Democratic Gov. of NY announced his support for marijuana legalization but despite his support  the proposal faced issues getting through. Not because people did not want to legalize but because of political concerns and indecisiveness surrounding where to allocate tax funds generated from cannabis sales.

Political concerns arise what happens when one of the neighboring states legalize? Will that hurt our state's economy? Stay Tuned.