Fire up your grills and get ready for Memorial Day Weekend! It' basically 3 days of parting at it's finest, BQQ, potato salad and blacking out. But what the holiday really is about is the Veterans and to celebrate them.

Veterans and their caretakers are working so hard everyday. Today there are 18.2 Million veterans in the United states according to the US census. It is sad to know that often veterans are struggling with their health due to their service. Luckily there is a great new way for them to feel a release in their anxiety, pain, PTSD , depression and many other health related effects Military service has on a person. 

Now is the time to lift up our Veterans and advocate for them to have access to medicinal cannabis, to give them the ability to improve the quality of  their lives.

 According to Boulder Weekly Nearly 60 percent of veterans returning from serving in the Middle East and more than 50 percent of older veterans receiving care at the VA are living with some form of chronic pain. Research has shown that cannabis can be beneficial for treating a wide range of disorders that veterans commonly deal with, including PTSD and pain management. States that have legalized medical cannabis have a nearly 25 percent lower mean annual opioid overdose death rate compared to states that have not.

Today, the federal government has the ability to make a change that can help many people and especially our veterans. Let's raise our voices and let the government know that Cannabis as an FDA-Classified Schedule 1 drug is doing harm to our veterans!

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