Configuring and running a successful loyalty program is one of the biggest challenges that dispensaries face today.Here at Toke we know how to keep your clients coming back with a rewards program in place that won’t get you in trouble with the law. Loyalty programs play an integral role in building a customer base full of brand advocates. On average loyal customers spend 60% more per visit and are 5x more likely to act as a referral to other consumers. This accounts for 80% of a dispensary's revenue. 

So first let's cover the benefits of why Dispensary Rewards programs are great for business. 


Customer Retention

In the cannabis industry there are a numerous amount of dispensaries that are available to the average consumer. What makes them go back to you? A loyalty/rewards prograWhy Use a Rewards Program m facilitates the incentive to keep coming back. Other things like customer experience and product are also factors but assuming you already got these down the loyalty program will help boost business as well as retain your current customers.

High Cart Value 

When we talk about higher cart value we’re talking points systems - purchase X amount of this and receive the reward. This is a great strategy to incentivize additional expenditures. 

Better Customer Communication 

When a customer signs up with a loyalty program they also are giving away key information to help you connect them with vital information like new products/services, promoting sales and even get feedback on what they would like to see in your dispensary. 

Discovering Customer Data and Consumer Trends

When collecting customer data you can have a better understanding of who is actually buying your product whether it be more elderly for medicinal purposes or a recreational buyer. These insights can shape your dispensary for optimal sales by appealing to your actual audience. Watching the trents of what they are purchasing will help create a reward that is great for them and will keep them coming back even more. 

Okay So How Do We Do It? 

In the state of Pennsylvania they prohibit physical cards for loyalty programs but by making them digital so you can remain in compliance and it actually may be more convenient in this digital era.  

At this Point the Loyalty Program is Yours to Create. 

Points Program:

The general idea here is when you spend more you get more. Every time a customer makes a in-store purchase they get a certain amount of points depending on the size of their purchase. These points are translated into a reward. Whether it be a discount  or a special customer treatment - customers will work towards obtaining the points to achieve the reward.  

Spend Program:

The more you spend, the more loyalty credits you earn. Meaning if a customer purchases over $500 worth of product they can get a $20 discount or whatever you may choose. 

Tiered Program:

This is a cool program to run to determine the levels of loyalty in your established customer base. The more points you earn the higher level of loyalty they will be. A customer could have 100 pts and get a $5 discount but if they wait until they reach500 points they could get $20 off. 

Tiered Program
Paid Program - VIP Members

This type of program is when a customer pays a monthly or annual fee to join your VIP member club. For a dispensary you could select strains that are exclusive to these certain members.

Value Based: 

This is a philanthropic rewards program meaning when a customer buys your product a portion of the proceeds goes to a good cause. For a medicinal dispensary it could go towards several areas whether to push for recreational legalization or going to cancer research using cannabis. Anything that provides value at an emotional level. 

Partnered Program:

This could be a super fun program to run - We all know we can get a little hungry after smoking cannabis. Why not partner with a local restaurant. When a customer purchases X amount of product or spends X amount they can get a discount at whatever restaurants participating in your program. 

Game Program:

Who doesn’t love games? You can incentivize your consumers to play a game for a discount or reward. Whether it be a puzzle or a guessing game. A dispensary could fill a tub of product and ask the customers to guess its weight - closest guess can get a free product or discounted product. 

Hybrid Loyalty Programs: 

This is a mix of  2 of the programs above. For example you could run a game program that is exclusive to Vip Members or Run a tiered program and Value based to include more than one charity or cause that may appeal to different customers. The Programs are endless. Have fun with it, we know your customer will.

Need help building a digital program to run your program - contact us and we will get you there.