Previously Facebook prevented cannabis-related pages from showing up in its users’ search results. Today, thirty U.S. states allow recreational and/or medicinal cannabis sales. The cannabis Face book ban was purposed to  prevent illegal sales of the substance via search result. Facebook will now show cannabis businesses that have been verified and users will  be sure to see a blue or gray verification badge to confirm that Facebook has affirmed the organization to be a  genuine organization or business.


Marketing limitations posed by companies like Google and Facebook severely hinder the performance of canna-businesses. These companies often seem to go above and beyond what is required by law. Cannabis companies’ ability to develop their digital presence is very difficult to navigate in today's volatile cannabis marketing. Toke Marketing has created a dynamic method to remain in compliance but also expand our clients digital presence. Creating a strategic digital marketing campaign in any industry always begins and ends with Google and Facebook Ads. Which poses a large obstacle for dispensaries and CBD retailers. Toke Marketing rises above these barriers and cleared an entirely new path to generate premium traffic from their target markets.


Now that search results for cannabis-related companies have opened up on Facebook, the industry is about to experience a larger shift in how they advertise. Allowing consumers to find cannabis businesses through Facebook search will allow companies to get some of the exposure they are looking for.  Next step is for Facebook to start to allowing cannabis advertising to really make some moves in the industry.


If this sounds like your business and you  want a genuine company that cares about your growth and your companies performance. Toke Marketing has a team of Facebook Advertising expert who can help you become one of the best in the business. Inquire Here