According to the CDC there has been a wild outbreak of lung associated injuries due to the use of E-cigarettes, or Vaping Products. It's been confirmed 2,409 cases of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome in all 50 states. There are about 52 patients nationally who face life threatening results of their smoking habits.

Should I Stop Vaping?

It is important to know where your product is coming from but more importantly what is in the product. They are now becoming more contaminated with new age thickeners when used improperly have life threatening effects.

Do not buy illicit vape cartridges, our best recommendation is to just throw them away. It is not worth your life. Today without strict regulations on these products the FDA, CDC and HHS are all trying to clean up the mess of a rapid growth industry.

-  Be smart about what you are vaping, alternatively you can create your own vape cartridge to avoid the issue of not knowing what exactly is in your products. 

    What exactly is severe acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS)?

     Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a type of respiratory failure characterized by rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs.

    This can cause symptoms of Severe shortness of breath,labored and unusually rapid breathing, low blood pressure and confusion.

    What causes the ARDS is when fluids leaked from small blood vessels fill the tiny air sacs in your lungs, usually there is a protective membrane to protect you but when vaping poorly engineers products, the membrane is not there to protect you.

      Why Now?

      Due to the rapid growth of the cannabis industry combined with the illicit market for THC vape cartridges, producers are trying to get them out quickly to consumers especially those who take to the streets to do their business. 

      The FDA has  received about 900 samples to test from to  really get to the bottom of the epidemic to really find out which thickening agent is causing the respiratory issues. 

      -  We also found out that patents of the mixtures help businesses combat competition but the competition is trying to create copy cat mixtures to stay in the game, and this may hurt the users after the point of purchase.

        What you can do.

        If you buy a vape cartridge from a business or company and get sick, you are able to sue them for restitution.

        Stop Purchasing vape cartridges

         Stay informed

          Overall the best thing you can do is stay informed about these issues, and seek alternatives to really understand what you are purchasing. Never purchase something off the street. If your state does not allow legal THC, go to a smoke shop and purchase CBD products or CBD products to make your own. Always look for a lab tested approval stamp. Even ask questions about the product's origin. It's important to stay safe in the fast growing industry.