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How to Smoke Marijuana: Beginner’s Manual

How to Smoke Marijuana: Beginner’s Manual

To my everyday marijuana smokers, I know that the content in this blog won’t come as a surprise. To my occasional marijuana smokers, you may find some hidden gems in here that you didn’t know about. To my beginners, you’ll want to be front and center for what I am about to go over. You’ve probably heard of the saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. This phrase never applied more than it will today. I am going to go over the many ways that you can smoke marijuana and the pros of each method. As I made clear, there are so many ways to consume marijuana, but I want to touch on the most popular ones, which are smoking a joint, smoking a blunt, and one of the most prevalent today, vaping.

Smoking a Joint

This is essentially the most old-fashioned and one of the more common ways to smoke marijuana. For this, you only need rolling papers and the marijuana of course. Having a grinder is definitely helpful because it’ll allow you to breakdown the flower into smaller pieces, This means you’ll be able to put more marijuana in the joint, and it’ll also be easier to roll. Rolling papers aren’t expensive at all and you could most likely find them at your local convenience store like 7—11. As with most things, there are many versions of rolling papers that you could buy to fit your needs.

White, Colored, and Flavored

There are white and colored versions, where you would want to choose white if you want to slow down how fast the joint burns. This is due to chlorine or calcium carbonate being present within it. Colored versions also made with chemicals.

Wood Pulp Paper

This is the most popular of all rolling papers and has held its rightful spot at the top for decades. These are great for beginners because of their texture, making it easy for one to handle while rolling (Even if your hands get a little shaky or they begin to sweat, you’ll be good to go). The burn rate for these are in the middle, so it doesn’t burn too fast, but it also doesn’t burn too slow.


Hemp rolling papers are also a very reliable and environmentally friendly option, as they help save trees because they are made from hemp fiber. These are very thick and rough, making it easy to handle while rolling. Like the wood pulp papers, these have a medium burn rate. The only downside to these is that the tend to absorb and let off humidity. Nonetheless, still a good option (Royal Queen Seeds).

Smoking a Blunt

Next, we have the blunts, which are very similar to rolling papers in the way that they look. The primary difference between the two is that blunts don’t have classic paper. Alternatively, blunt wraps or cigar wraps are used. The downside with these is that more times than not, they will contain tobacco, meaning that you could be inhaling it. Though true, there are blunt wraps that don’t contain tobacco, so don’t worry if that would be a concern for you. The are essentially two types of blunt wraps that you could get: Leaf (Backwoods) and Cigarillos (Game). Leaves are more common and require you to peel the leaf from one end to the other end until it completely opens up and you can dump the guts out. The Cigarillos are different because you basically press down on it until it rips, and you try to do it perfectly all the way down the middle perfectly so that it is even on both sides. As it relates to how much you can pack and how long it lasts, I would go with Backwoods. You can fit more into it and they burn slower. It takes some skill to roll it the right way, but the end result is worth the hassle (Weed Maps).


Last, but certainly not least, vaping will be the final method of smoking marijuana that I will go over today. This method is definitely the most discrete way of smoking, as there is no actual marijuana involved. The perception of smoking marijuana via vaping is like smoking hookah. It also takes away the step of having to buy the marijuana, buy the joint or blunt, and rolling it. All you have to do is buy the vape and smoke it. As like joint or blunts, there are many types of vapes and they all work the same for the most part. There are desktop vaporizers, vape pens, cartridges, and inhalers (Royal Queen Seeds).

Now that you have reached the end, go out into the real world and see which method of smoking is best for you. Whether it be a joint, a blunt, or vaping, you should be happy with the end result. Consider the pros and cons of each as it pertains to you and pick your poison. Let me know how that works for you!

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