Toke is the East Coast's first cannabis marketing agency focused on compliance and market execution. We have developed a unique method to successfully market, educate, and collaborate with our consumers.  Sign up for Your Free Consultation.

We provide a robust service offering just for you.

Compliance is extremely important in the cannabis world with Toke we got you covered.

Influencer Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

We connect you with key influencers to drive your brand's message to a larger audience positioned within your niche.   With Toke you can raise your search engine rank, increase your exposure, and optimize your website. We do thi to beat out competition. We do this by diversifying you digital presence on premium sites! Social media is your voice straight to millions and millions of consumers. We help you get your products to your consumers efficiently.

Email Marketing

Direct to Consumer Marketing

Brand Partnerships

Connecting you with various email campaigns to retarget your current audience as well as faciliating educational emails such as a newsletter to help build brand loyalty,trust and awareness.  Cannabis marketing can be a bit tricky with all the different regulations in place - Direct to consumer contains  Direct Mail and Branding Efforts sent right to your target audience.     Toke holds various partnerships within the cannabis industry. Inclulding Ganjapreneur, High Times, Dope Magazine, Culture Magazine and Leafly.  

Customer Support

Fully Customizable

Powerful Admin

We really care about you and your business as much as you do. Signing up with Toke will ensure your success with our 100% free customer support. With Toke you can customize your service offering based on your business’s marketing needs. Start by checking out our packages or call today and receive a custom quote just for you! Toke has real time admin features to help the average Joe market within compliance. No need to have any special skills in marketing or knowledge of regulations that apply to you.


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